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We got a shiny new BBQ the other weekend, it’s a beauty. Shelves are detached and in the garage as it’s a bit unwieldy with them on. This changing weather is dictating that it’s a common occurrence for the BBQ to be wheeled inside (not whilst cooking of course).

Short Review… It’s a B&Q home brand, model  “ULTAR” – build quality is good, heat spread is good, makes tasty food and has a slick electric ignition system. I would recommend one, if you’ve landed on this page looking up that B&Q ultra 4 burner BBQ.

Summer is here?

Well there is another month yet but it sure feels like summer is here now. What a cracking weekend it’s been, blue skies, 24c earlier today. Not sure about yesterday, it was a blur of moving about 2 tonne of logs by hand from the front of the house to the rear. Removing Ivy, weeds, cutting Grass, Strimming, fitting shelves, hanging photos… and More. Big push of jobs that have been outstanding for months and we chose the hottest day of the year – lol!

Oliver is 1 year old this week, I can’t believe it – this past year has gone so fast it’s unreal. Big Party next weekend, I think the weather is going to suck but lets hope for another one like this. He went to his first party today with a bunch of other children, he looked small next to them but definately the cheekiest.

I’m just sitting at the top of the Garden now with a beer and my laptop making the most of the pleasant evening. Although whilst I’ve been out here in the space of about 20 minutes it feels like it’s dropped a couple of degrees.

Now I’ve had a taste of the summer I’m looking forward to my holiday to Alcudia in September.