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I’ve only just discovered Reddit.
What rock have I been hiding underneath?

I knew of Reddit – I had just never been on and actually looked at what it does. It’s social media but it feels more purposeful and direct. You can just search for a Topic, e.g. “Security” then instantly see what the world is talking about regarding Information Security.

Here are some of the articles I’ve found and digested in the last two days of using Reddit, check them out they are quite interesting:

I dared two expert hackers to destroy my life. Here’s what happened.
White Hat Hackers Hit 12 American Hospitals To Prove Patient Life ‘Extremely Vulnerable’
Mint Web Site Hacked and ISOs replaced with Backdoored OS
Airport Experiment Shows That People Recklessly Connect to Any Open WiFi Hotspot

Anyway, you probably already knew that as I am the last person on Earth (it seems) to dive into Reddit.