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ESP8266 D1 Mini NodeMcu with Amazon Echo

I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube videos recently, the likes of Colin Furze and James Bruton. I spotted the ESP8266 on James Bruton’s channel, he’d used it to enable alexa voice control for Colin’s voice activated flame thrower.

So I bought myself one from Amazon along with a Relay shield for the sole purpose of having a play.

I bought the MakerHawk D1 Mini NodeMcu 4MB and a single 10A relay shield

Started off testing i’d setup the Arduino IDE software and link to the board correctly by loading a flashing LED script to the D1 mini.


void setup() {
pinMode(BUILTIN_LED, OUTPUT); // initialize onboard LED as output

void loop() {
digitalWrite(BUILTIN_LED, HIGH); // turn on LED with voltage HIGH
delay(100); // wait 100ms
digitalWrite(BUILTIN_LED, LOW); // turn off LED with voltage LOW
delay(100); // wait 100ms

Next step was to try a voice activated LED, it took a while to find code that worked as my Amazon Echo Dot had just updated to the latest firmware and I gather some people are having issues with legacy scripts working.

Download Working Alexa Code Here

Stand by for video of it working with the relay.