New Blog, New Life

I haven’t blogged for a while, I need to look at copying over all my old posts from my last blog system.

If you can remember my last post about a month ago, I had done around 1,500 miles in my new Civic Type-R GT.

I’ve now done about 3,500 miles. But what else has changed?

Well, back then I’d just finished ‘The Pimp Room’… Now I’m moving out, I’m renting a place with Dave Hartshorne. Initially we wanted a new place in Berry Hill, we’ve since seen bigger places with loads of room and stuff. There was a 3 bedroom Detatched in Forest town but the land lord hasn’t even bought it yet so it could be a few weeks before that is ready… or longer.

The latest place is in Pleasley but up a lane so isn’t too bad. Dave used to rent the same place a while back, I can remember going round and getting rather merry and watching James being sick in a pot hole outside 🙂

It’s an old house with thick walls but modern central heating, windows, etc. It’s a 3 bedroom semi-detatched. We want a 3 bedroom so the 3rd room can have the decks, etc in. (Front room means music isn’t an issue – woohoo!)

It has a new kitchen and bathroom with a jew-coozi! Woohoo. Oh and a garage is being built which should be big enough for about 1.5 cars so the Type-R will fit in nicely (or Dave’s skyline to be) Or our random joint project car which needs to happen. A Stripped out, slammed, drift weapon – Or something!

What else? I go on holiday to Turkey a week on Thursday, with Mark, to his parent’s house. Should be a good laugh, I’m just going for a week – looking to time in the moving in for the weekend I get back – OUCHSUM!

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