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Ubuntu Hyper-v Enhanced Session

I have found out today that you can’t enable automatic login and can’t use an enhanced session within hyper-v.

Even if you enable enhanced session in powershell using cmdlet:

Set-VM "Ubuntu" -EnhancedSessionTransportType HVSocket

The session will only connect natively, which will result in no scaling abilities and poor video performance.

Auto login is not supported as an enhanced session is possible through an alternative xrdp login

The secret therefor is to toggle off autologin, if you have enabled it. This can be done in the user settings:


I used my alotted daily exercise slot to take the little one for a walk (push) around “Oxclose Woods” earlier today. It was great to have some fresh air.

With the power of the measuring tool on the iPhone, I measured the gradient of “the steep hill”, a challenge on the calfs, if pushing a pushchair.

15deg if that interests you!

Pictures don’t do it justice.


In the UK we went into lockdown on the 23rd March 2020, to try and slow the spread of the Covid-19 (Coronavirus).

Everyone is at home, oldest is being home schooled (but it’s easter break right now so he’s “off school”). Youngest is thinking “Why do I have to share mum now?”

I’m continuing to work from home thankfully.

We tried to sleep in a tent in the garden last night to mix things up a bit, it was fun but ultimately the house makes a more comfortable shelter… so we re-located there at around 10pm.


We got a shiny new BBQ the other weekend, it’s a beauty. Shelves are detached and in the garage as it’s a bit unwieldy with them on. This changing weather is dictating that it’s a common occurrence for the BBQ to be wheeled inside (not whilst cooking of course).

Short Review… It’s a B&Q home brand, model  “ULTAR” – build quality is good, heat spread is good, makes tasty food and has a slick electric ignition system. I would recommend one, if you’ve landed on this page looking up that B&Q ultra 4 burner BBQ.